​​A New Reflection, Inc.

"Repairing the Breach"


Founded: 2016

Owners: Tyler and Kristi

Areas of expertise: 
Prayer, Homeless Rehabilitation, Job Assistance,  Life Coach, Hope. 

  • Grace filled years! We have had over 4,200 meals delivered!  
  • Over 5 hotel stays accommodated!
  • ​25 Plus individuals assisted in Job-Aid.
  • More than 1,000 articles of clothing donated.
  • ​Donated to over 10 organizations

Quick Overview:
There has been a large increase in the amount of unhoused taking hold of their futures. Recently, nine unhoused have received resumes, job coaching, proper attire, and went into the world, with a bold new reflection to succeed. We have also had 3 individuals placed and working here, in the Santa Clarita Valley! 

Through Job-Aid Assistance:
One of our very first unhoused friends we loved, fed, clothed, employed, and loved some more has not only went from unhoused to housed; but also reached his near six month mark of employment.

A New Reflection Inc.

What a Wonderful Legacy!

Connect, Transform, & Give Back! 

By providing those in need with transformational assistance and self-confidence their confidence grows, as does their view of themselves as they illuminate happily towards their goals and in A New Reflection.

All Things ARE Possible!

What We’re Doing